We have now merged with Luna Translations, so for now on they will be in charge of Witch’s Garden, status updates will be posted on their site from now on.

Update About TL and Other Stuff

Okay so this is what’s happening now, First with the completion of Suzuno route, project is official on a indefinite hiatus because TL decided to focus more on improving his skills and we have no other active TL’s or TLC’s at the moment….on that note with the goal of improving his knowledge, TL wants to try his hands at Web Novels to see how he fare and improve while interacting with a different format of writing.

So to sum it up Witch’s Garden is on hold(NOT DEAD) until we are ready to work on it again, So to the people who supports us don’t worry we’ll be back.

Be sure to check for things concerning our Web Novel Project.

50% reached!!!

Thanks to our very own 1-man TL army¬† we have reached the half way mark….Time for a Victory Song

(Ok so I’m a little hyped over the FF7 remake announcement but who isn’t)

Anyways we’re still looking for a TLC for the Common,Misumi and Ririko routes, I’m was planning to release a patch for those three seeing as it’s easy to patch and I said before I was going to do partial releases. But as it stands now that seems like a far away goal without a TLC.
If you would like to help us please check out the recruitment page.

Another Milestone

Hello everyone, I’m the sub-leader/slave or anything else nerodragon12 want.

I will give you a early progress report instead of our lazy leader/slave drive.

So here’s the good news, Misumi’s translation is done! Thank to our weary slave(translator).

We still need a TLC to check it before we can make public partial patch, any recruit is welcome.