New and Somewhat Improved

First post for new site well actually copied from old one

Halloween is a pretty good day for witches wouldn’t you agree here some of my fav Witches

Anyone one who doesn’t love a blond loli half japanese childhood friend/cousins who’s also a witch who doesn’t age should seriously re-evaluate their lives…

STARLIGHT BREAKER!!!!!!……enough said

I don’t think the size of her breast was caused by magic…….

Unfortunately we at Despair Translations Inc. won’t be able to present you with a treat only a trick here’s some news for you I the leader and self-proclaimed genius Hacker have fixed the reinsertion of text into game and have been able to patch it as you can see here from said screenshot…

Translated In-game ScreenShot

Anyways main concern now is Editors, TLC’s and QC’s

if you would like to join leave comment on recruitment page will be testing all those who apply

Serious people who will continue to work pls

Minimum lines for all position’s to do is 200 a week

Ps…if above wasn’t enough Witches for you here is my top fav witches

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