November Update

Well it’s that time of the month again get ready cause this is going to be a big one

Now for those of you looking at the progress page and doubting your eyes on the line count well you’re not seeing things yes line count went back up why? because at first when we first dumped the scripts and got a line count. I checked through the scripts and found out that, some lines where just split in half so I figured to get a true line count I would just merge the lines that were split back into one and boy, did that backfire on me, This should more or less show what I was thinking then when I first tried to reinsert a month or two ago it failed miserably, because if the edited script don’t have the same number of lines as the orginal then reinsert-er will put up an error about file length which mean no changes to original can be made to insert into game meaning oh crap we’re screwed and that bought up another issue TLing


So the main TL had to go through all scripts and I mean all of them and re-split lines, lucky most of the scripts was not translated yet so thanks to google drive which is why I love it, he was able to revert them to the un-merged version all except Prologue, Common, and some of Eclair that’s over 10,000 lines to re-split after TLing and merging them. So once he had finish un-merging the split scripts he took a break for awhile and well at my request he also TL’ed some Koitate scripts since

Finally¬† he’s done with that and ready to get back into action as such he has already¬† done Misumi first H-scene and now on the second

Now on other news testing files has been put up on recruitment page so if you’re looking to join make sure to read Testing Info first
also comments can be posted without moderation now so go wild

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