Another Milestone

Hello everyone, I’m the sub-leader/slave or anything else nerodragon12 want.

I will give you a early progress report instead of our lazy leader/slave drive.

So here’s the good news, Misumi’s translation is done! Thank to our weary slave(translator).

We still need a TLC to check it before we can make public partial patch, any recruit is welcome.

7 thoughts on “Another Milestone

  1. I still need nerodragon12’s permission to make a new post, so I have to make a small comment instead.

    Current translation rate for Ririko’s route is around 800-1000 lines per week, it should take 3-4 month to finish if nothing go wrong.
    After that, we still need to discuss about pick a side project or continue with another route.

    Still no TLC o(╥﹏╥)o


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