Update About TL and Other Stuff

Okay so this is what’s happening now, First with the completion of Suzuno route, project is official on a indefinite hiatus because TL decided to focus more on improving his skills and we have no other active TL’s or TLC’s at the moment….on that note with the goal of improving his knowledge, TL wants to try his hands at Web Novels to see how he fare and improve while interacting with a different format of writing.

So to sum it up Witch’s Garden is on hold(NOT DEAD) until we are ready to work on it again, So to the people who supports us don’t worry we’ll be back.

Be sure to check https://metalhaguremt.wordpress.com/ for things concerning our Web Novel Project.

7 thoughts on “Update About TL and Other Stuff

  1. We are on it again. We found a new TLC and are working through it slowly. Usually I get a burst of energy and do a few scenes at once. I just hope we have a good QC to catch the mess ups that I miss when the time comes to QC. We’ve lost a fair bit of people and it feels like we’ve lost everybody except for the Translator and the Leader until recently when a TLC suddenly appeared one day when I was glancing at our project spreadsheet and noticed that stuff was being Translation Checked again. Pretty nice surprise. 🙂

    Anyways…it’s back on again. Since we lost pretty much all of the original staff due to life stuff, it’s been very slow and even stalled for nearly a year. But as long as we have the Translator and the Translator Checker, I’ll still be around until the project is done. The leader isn’t planning to back out on this, so it won’t be cancelled or dropped. It’ll get done….it’ll take a bit, but it will.

    Just thought I’d leave this here in case people think that we disappeared off the face of the earth.


    • Ugh…no edit comment. I’m the Editor…currently the only one it seems. If there’s any questions, ask and I’ll try answering as best as I can.


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