Witch’s Garden


Current Status: June 24, 2016



TL: 2089/2089 (100%)

TLC: 2089/2089 (100%)

Edited: 2089/2089 (100%)

Quality Checked: 2089/2089 (100%)



TL: 9744/9744 (100%)

Re-TL: 6,118 => 6,764/9,744 (62.79% => 69.42%)

TLC: 1,337 => 2,427/9,744 (13.72% => 25.37%)

Edited: 407 => 1,337/9744 (4.18% => 13.72%)

Quality Checked: 0/9744 (0%)



TL: 3149/8967 (35.12%)

TLC: 0/8967 (0%)

Edited: 0/8967 (0%)

Quality Checked: 0/8967 (0%)


TL: 10481/10481 (100%)

TLC: 0/10481 (0%)

Edited: 0/10481 (0%)

Quality Checked: 0/10481 (0%)


TL: 11901/11901 (100%)

TLC: 0/11901 (0%)

Edited: 0/11901 (0%)

Quality Checked: 0/11901 (0%)



TL: 9367/9367 (100%)

TLC: 0/9367 (0%)

Edited: 0/9367 (0%)

Quality Checked: 0/9367 (0%)



TL: 824/5335 (15.44%)

TLC: 0/5335 (0%)

Edited: 0/5335 (0%)

Quality Checked: 0/5335 (0%)



TL: 0/9317 (0%)

TLC: 0/9317 (0%)

Edited: 0/9317 (0%)

Quality Checked: 0/9317  (0%)



TL: 47555/67201 (70.77%)

TLC: 3,426 => 4,561/67,201 (5.10% => 6.79%)

Edited: 2,496 => 3,426/67201 (3.71% => 5.10%)

Quality Checked: 2089/67201 (3.11%)

255 thoughts on “Witch’s Garden

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  2. I found this VN project looking on vndb and I’m really interested in it. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have more help. I would help if I knew anything about it. I love VN’s and would love to get into them more than just reading them but I don’t know where to begin when it comes to translating. So I’m stuck playing what gets localized or what hard working fans take it upon themselves to do. However keep up the good work. It is nice to see progress whenever I check back.


    • Trust me, it is good that you never know how hard it is.
      The fact that someone is interesting in this project is good enough for translator to keep going. 😛


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    • I’ve been following this project for months and I decided to comment now after all this time, just to let you know how much I appreciate what you’re doing here.Thank you so much for the work you’re putting into this. Keep up the good work mate (^^)b


  6. Just some bad news.

    Translator will take a long vacation after finish Suzuno’s route.

    – Leader has been ignore him for too long to that point translator almost has mental breakdown (from working alone with no one to talk to)
    – Recent drama hit him hard. He loses his (extremely low) confident to keep working.


  7. You just made me more sad with this Hiatus. Aokana even if finished will take 1 year just so the translator will be satisfied. Koisaku the same taking even more than necessary with everything finished. And now you :< what is with this year.


      • In progress 😛

        We never said we are going to drop. Translator needs his vacation since he has been working non-stop since this project is started and he single-handy translated more than half of line by himself.

        We can’t speed thing up since no TL or TLC are willingly to help our project.


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  9. Hey, keep working at it guys 😀 I know you can do it! I wish I could help, but I only know a small amount of Japanese! (like only basic phrases and Hiragana)


  10. Just add some note since it hasn’t been updated for month. We aren’t dead, not at this moment.

    Nero is missing, I can’t contact him.
    So I have to take control of this project until Nero is back or another team take over this project (If Nero is confirmed M.I.A.)

    Don’t worry, the surviving member(s) will keep this project running, finish it if possible.

    Just for reminder, don’t expect quality translation. We have to skip TLC because we don’t TLC, only let Translator (at this point, you could guess who he is) re-translates to filter most of the error, it is the best we can do to finish this project unless we get more help.


  11. I don’t particurarly mind lack of quality as long as I can read it with better quality then translation aggregator or google translate, so no worries from my end.
    Good luck and again thanks for translating this novel.


  12. Some bad new, gamer’s soul took translator to “Doom” in “Uncharted” Hell. No progress for a while until he returns

    On the good side, some kind soul TLC agree to help us. (σ≧▽≦)σ


  13. Okay, some good news.
    – Nero is back, but still recovering.
    – I returned from vacation (From Japanese)

    And bad new.
    – Translator is still stomping and breaking demon’s heads right now.


    • Best news one could receive on their birthday. Glad to see it moving along. Even slow progress is better the being dead. Don’t burn yourself out on this one. And know you’ll have at least several properly looking forward to your hard work.


      • Negotiation is done and Luna translation is taking over this project.

        We are going to have more progress from now on. 😀


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